Sunday, 27 April 2014

Book of the Week: Emma by Jane Austen

Inside the book:
I haven't read this yet, even though I have another edition of Emma on my bookshelves. But it is a Jane Austen book! I look forward to reading about a character who no one seems to like, that causes many problems, and is rather blind to her effects on others. I love books written in this style and time period, and look forward to sitting down to read this beautiful book.

Outside the book:
This is a beautiful edition of Emma, one that is very hard to find. I found it at a book stall for five dollars. I love everything about this book, its hardback, its simple, classic, and has a limited colour palette. At first glance you might not notice the elaborate, wallpaper like pattern. Which is a slightly lighter blue and catches the light beautifully.

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