Thursday, 22 November 2012

I Love Twilight

The last Twilight movie is done, and while many will be celebrating its finish. I would like to say why I love it so much.

Twilight is my first love. It was built on a time of innocence and youth. A time of naivety and of inexperience. It was the book that got me to read, that introduced me to the world of books. That led me to all the many amazing stories and worlds I have experienced since. It was like my first love, and it showed me that love existed. That love was not just something people claimed to have, but that I couldn't be sure of until I felt it.

Then with every other love Ive had, more complex, and more intense. It whispered its words to me, and I was grateful for what it had given me. I traced the lines of my life to the first love that changed me. When I have read some of the greatest, and some of my most favorite books since, I thoughtlessly thank the book that began it all.

It may be silly to imagine, that without my first love I would never have loved at all. I could say that I would have eventually found love. But I cannot, because it will always be there. I will grow up, and think back. Think back about the silly little loves I may have had. But my first loves will be the loves of my youth. My memories will be reflected in them. They can not be separated from the joy of easy adolescence. They strengthen these memories, and they are these memories.

Twilight is my first love when it comes to books. It got me to read, and I am thankful to it for all the books I have read since. It is a part of my past life. I remember drinking ginger beer on my bed, with the summer sun setting through my windows. While I read Breaking Dawn, and finished the love that changed my life.

This is why I love Twilight, and all the movies to a lesser extent. I will miss this part of my life, that has now finished. But I will never forget it. And I will never let anyone tell me I should.

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