Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Book Review: Eon by Alison Goodman

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Dragoneye Reborn #1
Pages: 544
Published: Jan 2008

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Magic

This book is about Eon, who is a one of the candidates to becoming an apprentice for one of the 12 energy dragons. Using Dragon magic, and becoming a Dragoneye, is one of the highest positions in the land. But there are some obstacles in Eons way. Firstly that he is a cripple, trying to persuade everyone but more importantly a dragon that he is worthy of using dragon magic. Secondly that he is actually a girl, who has been pretending to be a boy for years. And if anyone finds out Eon is actually Eona, she will be killed, as females are forbidden to use dragon magic.

Let me just start off by saying... DRAGONS!!! I love dragons, and that was enough to get me to buy and read this book. But there are so many more reasons you should read Eon. First of all the suspense. I could not sit still reading this book, I was pacing and standing. And generally just all over the place waiting to see what would happen. Reading as fast as I could, but not skimming. 

Secondly the plot, and how unique and unpredictable it was. This is one of the reasons there was so much suspense. Because the plot was so unexpected, you never knew what was coming next. It was so refreshing to step out of the predictable and into the crazy amazing story that Eon is.

Along with a great plot, came very detailed and elaborate world building. I felt immersed in this world, not only because of the descriptions of the setting. But also because of the explanations of the culture and practices in this world. The culture and politics were so well thought out, and there were very few holes in this story and in its world building.

I definitely recommend this book, and just to reiterate. DRAGONS!


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