Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I am addicted to ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’.

Wow what a bold and eye-catching statement, some will say. But then there are others, those who have criticism and sarcasm at their fingertips. Who would say that it’s far from bold, and more towards a cliché.
Being one of those people in the latter group, I would have to agree. But looking closely at my supposed addiction, I have to give some credit to those still pure of heart people who say ‘wow’. Because if I’m not completely addicted to this incredible book series. Then I should at least be half way addicted, whatever that may be.
This is because I’ve been consumed reading the books, I’ve had to put them down on several occasions because I’ve been too annoyed or upset about the decisions or events of that chapter. That shows me that I’m invested in these characters, and my goodness me, I’m only on the second book. How much more I’ll care about the world of Westeros is bound to increase.
I’ve also made many, many videos on YouTube reviewing and discussing these books, I filmed my expedition to the bookstore to get them, and now I’m writing my first real blog post talking about them. If it can’t be said that they have taken over my life, than it can at least be said that they are in my life more than is appropriate. But who acts appropriately anymore?
So down to what this post is actually about. Why you should become addicted to ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’; and then how to get over this half-addiction.
First off, if you haven’t read A Game of Thrones, this is why you should:

1. It’s a freaking AMAZING book.

      2. It’s written incredibly, with great prose, and descriptions that will take you into its medieval and fantasy land.

      3.The twists are amazing; the way the plot seamlessly floods out in front of you and shifts you off your feet is hard to believe.

      4. And above all, the characters. The people presented in this book, are so life like, and so complex that at times you find yourself hating and loving the same person.

Ok so now you’re addicted to these books. What do you do now? I shouldn’t really be asking this question as I’m still obsessed. But my answer for now is, read some other amazing book, preferably in a different genre. If you’re at a loss for what book to read, then check out my book review channel for some ideas. (Wasn’t that self advertisement seamless?)

I have to say before I go; that being addicted to these books is not a bad feeling, but remember when you’re under the blankets reading the next book, that soon enough this series will be over. Who knows what we will do then? I certainly don’t.

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